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A primary focus for elder law attorneys is to create a plan for possible disability or long-term care needs while at the same time retaining a high-quality standard of life. Such a plan could include aspects of Elder Law & Elder Care, Long Term Care & Asset Protection, Guardianship, and Probate & Estate Administration and Litigation.

Elder Law & Elder Care

As we age, our needs change. Elder Law is a legal specialty focused on planning for the care and protection of the elderly. It covers several subsets of legal practice: wills, powers of attorney, estate planning, and more. However, the focus of these matters accounts for the needs of the elderly client, which often differ from the needs of younger people. In brief: it is more than a matter of simply preparing for the end, but also preparing for the care that may be required in advance of the end.

Estate planning and preparation for long-term care are growing necessities for older Americans. Douglas Koger stands ready to serve his clients by planning for their golden years and after. If you need assistance or help, Douglas Koger is ready to guide you through the process. To learn more and to see if Elder Law services are right for you, set an initial consultation. 

Long-Term Care & Asset Protection Planning 

We don’t know what the future brings, but the possibility that our future will require long-term care only grows with age. Douglas Koger helps his clients pursue alternatives to nursing homes but if a nursing home or other extensive care is necessary, he helps alleviate the otherwise overwhelming burden of placing a loved one in a facility. Douglas Koger accomplishes his client’s goals by protecting his clients’ life savings against catastrophic care costs and by lending experience to help families access the best long-term care. Though long-term care planning is protection for the future, it can be started at any time. Individuals with cognitive impairments like Alzheimer's disease or a degenerative disease should begin long-term planning as soon as possible. Douglas Koger can help protect your life while accessing better care.




Guardianship means that a person is legally appointed the guardian of another person – the ward - who is unable to make decisions for themselves. A guardian is appointed to make medical, financial, and other decisions for the ward.  Douglas Koger seeks ways for his clients to avoid guardianship proceedings but sometimes it is necessary for families to pursue guardianship when it is the only way to help an incompetent loved one.  

Being appointed as a guardian can be a difficult legal process. Having someone you do not wish to be your guardian apply to be your guardian can be a stressful and expensive process. With professional and knowledgeable advice these difficulties can be reduced.



Probate & Estate Administration & Litigation

During the emotional period after a person’s passing, various legal and administrative processes must be carried out. Douglas Koger is dedicated to the efficient and safe administration of wills, trusts, and estates. His goal is to settle estates as quickly as possible, with good economy, communication, and diligence. If litigation over a Will or Estate is necessary, Douglas Koger's years of trial experience will assure that your case is presented in the best possible manner.